Flavored Whole Scallop

As seafood snacks in the pocket with the flavor of the sea, flavored whole scallops use a spirited and interesting KoKo Boy as the celebrity. The meat of scallops is juicy, tender, and fresh, with a special taste of sweetness. Packed individually, this snack is convenient to take and share, which is a simple feast for the taste bud.

Flavored Salmon Paste

Carefully selected from the deep sea of Alaska, salmons in use are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. After the cooking by skillful chefs, the meat of salmons is solid and fresh, rich in fat and fragrant in flavors. Available to eat after opening the package and beneficial for the digestion, including elder citizens and children. It tastes better and is more nutritious with rice and bread.

Flavored Peeled Shrimps

Carefully selected from PenaeusVanmamei, the meat of flavored peeled shrimps is tender and fresh, and the taste is fragrant and chewy. With rich nutrients, flavored peeled shrimps are a feast for people’s taste buds. Packed individually in a single package, it is portable to take and convenient to eat.